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sarahs birthday 07

sarahs birthday 08

haha i'll miss our tram parties...
24.2.08 23:00

Kylie rocks.

and i don't care what you say :P

23.2.08 12:12

I wanna go there!!!

guess it's too far away.. but at least i'm seeing KISS in may. and crashdiet and hardcore superstar in april. finally... hopefully...
22.2.08 00:30

Back Home

I just got home from Paris. It was awesome! Pictures are coming soon.

The Highlight:
I was shopping on the Porte de Clignancourt Fleamarket. And there was some guy that sold reeeeally strange stuff. human skulls and so on. i was looking at his stuff, when he suddenly said: "Motley Crue!" (guess he must have seen the backpatch on my leatherjacket) "they are my clients!" and then he told me, that he sold them a lot of stuff long time ago, because they loved all the skulls an stuff. haha
that was cool.

oh, by the way, i'm on Atomic Pinup now! take a look.

21.2.08 12:12


I'm going to paris on sunday. i'm soooo excited! i love paris. i'm staying for 4 days. I guess i'm gonna go to the christian louboutin store and die because i can't afford a pair... he makes the prettiest shoes ever. oh and DISNEYLAND ON MONDAY!!!! yaaay rock'n'rollercoaster! whats cooler than listening to aerosmith while riding a rollercoaster?
15.2.08 12:54

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